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Organic Dry Fruits Collections

The authentic taste & quality of our dry fruits is the result of it’s natural & pure origin. Our dry fruits originate from numerous farmlands of India. To ensure their quality, we work at the grassroot level with marginalized farmers from different regions & collect raw products in bulk from them.

Organic Pulses & Lentils

Organic Pulses are environmentally friendly pulses that are harvested using natural methods. This includes natural irrigation, compost, and fertilisers, among other things. As a result, you can anticipate a chemical-free dal that is milled by hand to preserve the nutrients and flavour of the meal.

Our Vision

We work sincerely to bring the freshest and finest quality products to our customers. Our objective is to provide the best sensory experience for all human senses. Our products look good when you see them. Smell good when you smell them. Taste good when you taste them.

Know More

    Organic farming impacts the environment as well, but positively. By producing food items through organic agriculture we are trying to make use of the present resources in a sustainable manner.


    We stand as a window between the customers and farmers. By providing them the opportunity of dealing first hand, it's taken care of that they will get fair deals and prices.


    Your health is our top priority. We have in store a wide variety of organic fruits, vegetables and groceries. If healthy lifestyle is what you're looking for, this is the right stop for you.

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Healthy Conscious

Besides our premium organic products,we also have a range of our very own Kisan Window Healthy Conscious Food. Kisan Winsow Healthy Conscious Food is high quality conventional food. We Consciously handpick the best quality produce from around the world. Our priority is to make available for the customer the best quality of food products at any cost, and conscious food are a result of that ideal. We handpick, clean and pack all our products at an organisational level to reduce all possible contamination.